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The Wonder Room

In 2015 I graduated from ArtEZ in Arnhem with 'De Wonderkamer'. I did the installation again at professional level in 2019. This in collaboration with Oene Gerritsma (set builder) and Jan Roorda (software specialist).

In September 2019, De Wonderkamer exhibited for a month in Rozet (Heritage Center - Arnhem library). I very much hope that he will get a nice place again that many people will be able to wonder when they disappear into this wonder space for a while ...







My work literally includes a space in which you imagine yourself temporarily on a journey. You disappear into another world for a few minutes. Through a snail shell entrance you enter a round space of 4 meters in diameter and 3 meters in height. Eight paper lampshades hang in this room. The lampshades move, they rotate around their own axis like a planetarium. When they come on, they harmoniously depict an ancient story. This is depicted on the walls. Shadows and projections float through space. The shadows move larger and smaller on the canvas and meet. The story is depicted in different ways: the lampshades with their fine carving, the shadows on the canvas, by sound and music. After three and a half minutes, the story ends and the central lamp comes on again. You experience the story as if you were sitting in an old magic lantern.

Fine cutouts have been made in the paper caps. The fine paper cutting refers to Japanese paper art. The paper cutting has slowly been done at rest. The images depict a Japanese fairy tale. The entire installation gives a serene, meditative image: the walls and lamps are white, the space is round, the lamps are round and rotate steadily on their own axis. The cochlea-shaped entrance and the round serene space symbolize protection and safety.

The fairytale is about good and evil, dark and light, black and white: a story in contrasts. A theme that plays all over the world and can therefore determine the fate of people being at home / feeling at home. The installation ensures that you can 'disappear' for a while and imagines the world in a poetic way.

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