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Marjolein Koot (1973, Leiderdorp) grew up in Leiden and the surrounding area. Here she completed her school and education, later this became Amsterdam (SPH) and then Arnhem (Pabo and Art Academy). She has lived in the east of the country since 1992. As a child she said to her parents: 'soon I will live in the forest'. As a child, she preferred to have pencils, brushes and clay in her hands than a reading book.


Marjolein's visual work is characterized by refined structures and details. She forms materials by hand. The work comes about slowly but steadily, almost Buddhist; repetitive small actions that serve an ultimate purpose. This creates a serene image. She draws inspiration from nature and the things she loves: animals, trees, plants, weeds, flowers. In this way, the skeleton of a leaf can determine the following work. Poetry is an important feature in the work. The poetic character arises when contrasts such as light, dark, black, white, good and evil are expressed. Marjolein has a love for working with paper. The fascinating thing is that simple lines can produce the most beautiful effects: miracles do occur!


Marjolein lives with her husband and cats in Oosterbeek, a small town next to Arnhem.





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